Alia Ali limited edition artwork


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Alia Ali
Refracted Futures, 2021
Mylar, Mirropane glass
28 ½” x 22”
Edition of 30

Clockshop is honored to have collaborated with contemporary artist, Alia Ali, to produce a limited edition artwork to benefit our education, curatorial, and public programs. Ms. Ali’s work explores cultures at geographic crossroads and considers how politics, economics and histories collide and intersect.

Refracted Futures examines levels of concealment by staging portraits of individuals enveloped in Mylar, a material used to make emergency blankets distributed to migrants. It was originally developed by space agencies as thermal installation for space crafts. The image is printed directly on Mirropane Glass, a brand of one-way security glass most commonly used in interrogation rooms.

Various forms of light are reflected onto the Mylar material creating a distorted constellation of imagery, allowing the light to refract into multiple layers, pointing to a heightened dimensionality that embraces a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Alia Ali’s Refracted Futures presents an alternative space that addresses painful political histories while simultaneously carving out new horizons of radical existence. This limited edition project includes a poem by writer André Naffis-Sahely.

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