For Submersion: Sarah Rosalena


Sarah Rosalena’s conceptual attention to the disruption of colonial systems using the embodied memory at the heart of Indigenous craft is at the fore of For Submersion. As the work unsettles technological narratives of dominance and extraction, the forthcoming publication takes up and expands this same mantle.

Print as a medium treads the intersection between documentation and an expansion into the experiential through augmented reality, complicating the relation between analog and digital. The land is recalled in its many physical and digital encodings—from the satellites operating in the language of surveillance to the .xl file of the historic courses of the Los Angeles River, Payme Paxaayt, to the digitally fabricated sculpture situated in the flooded wetland of Los Angeles State Historic Park. Within these pages, Rosalena’s practice expands to contain these multiple realities as though they were gravitationally unbound parts. 

The publication For Submersion: Sarah Rosalena features essays by Clockshop’s Executive Director Sue Bell Yank and writer and Executive Director of Project X for Art and Criticism Nora N. Khan. Included is a layer of augmented reality which extends the physical installation through a collaboration with An Art App. Explore For Submersion in AR here

32 pages
Softcover, 24 x 42 cm
Edition of 275

Texts by Sue Bell Yank and Nora N. Khan
Designed by Studio Iguana, Los Angeles and Mexico City
Printed by Nocaut, Mexico City

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